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How To Paint Asphalt Shingles After Installation


You can often paint asphalt shingles after installation. This a great alternative if you cannot find a shingle product in the exact color that you want. The most effective way to paint asphalt shingles is with a pneumatic paint gun. Painting with a spray gun makes the job much quicker and more manageable. However, you will need to take some special steps when painting with a spray gun, especially during the preparation process. This article will explain how to properly paint roof shingles with a spray gun.

Preparing the Floor When painting with a spray gun, you have to deal with a ton of overspray. The overspray will be even worse if you paint on a day with winds. Try to paint on dry, windless days to make the job easier on yourself. To cover your floors you can use plastic rolls or large cloth sheets. Cloth is better for covering concrete sidewalks and floors. Plastic can be a little slippery under your foot. Also, when the overspray falls onto cloth, it gets absorbed and dries quicker. However, when it falls onto plastic it can get smeared and take much longer to dry, meaning you can easily spread it even further when you walk around. However, clear plastic sheets might be perfect for covering your lawn or flower beds. Because it is lightweight and clear, it will not kill or smother the landscaping beneath.

How to Use the Spray Gun Using the spray gun is much easier if you practice. Find a large piece of wood or cardboard to practice on. The key is to never stop in one place while you are spraying. Always start spraying before you have the gun facing the roof. Generally, you want to keep the gun about 12" from the surface when painting. However, the distance will very depending on the make and model of the gun you are using. This is why it is so important to practice before you start spraying on your house. You will also want to be strategic about the direction you are painting. It is usually best to start at the roofline and work towards the center of the roof. Always keep your back to the center of your roof to reduce the risk of falling off.

Spaying your asphalt shingles can add further protection to your roof. Also, painting your roof a lighter color can help make your home more energy efficient because it will not absorb as much heat from the sun. If you need help with installing or painting a new roof, work with an experienced roofing company like Classic Remodeling Corporation


13 March 2015