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Well Toxicity Testing And Water Treatment Services: Determining When Your Well Water Is No Longer Safe


When you are completely dependent on well water for all of your home's water consumption needs, you want to know that the water is safe. Since many different things can leach into a well and cause problems, you may want to test your well often, e.g., semi-monthly or monthly. In addition to well toxicity testing, you may need water treatment services.

Here is how both testing and treatments will help you determine if your well is no longer safe and you need to hire a general contractor to dig a new one:

Two Approaches to Well Toxicity Testing

When it comes to testing your well, there are two ways you can go about it. Either buy a well-testing kit and test your well yourself, or hire a well water testing specialist. The kits test for the most common toxins in water, but the specialist can check for toxins the DIY tests cannot. Common toxins include:

  • Sulphur
  • Lead
  • Natural Gas
  • Oil
  • E. Coli and traces of fecal matter
  • High concentrates of nitrate

Poisons not commonly found in wells but which can lead to illness and death may only be tested for upon request or if there has been a death or chronic illness in the family. Hexavalent chromium, or chromium 6, is one such industrial poison that lead to illnesses and deaths of dozens of people in Texas.

Water Treatment Services

Hiring a water treatment services company will help you treat some of the most common causes of water toxins, e.g., sulphur and lead. However, if there is too much E. coli or oil in your well water, it is not safe to drink or bathe with, and you probably would not want to wash your clothing or dishes with it either.

Additional toxins and carcinogens found in your well water means you need to close the well and bury it and find another spot to dig your well, far from the toxic original. A general contractor can help you find other water sources on your land that are not connected to the same aquifer that feeds your original well.

When You Have to Dig Another Well

If you have never had to dig a new well, you may wonder why a general contractor is necessary, beyond the fact that he or she excavates the well. The contractor will have to dig up all of your old pipes to the old well and dispose of them, then flush your home's plumbing system so no more toxic water remains in your pipes. New plumbing has to be installed that will connect your home to the new well, once it has been tested and passes water quality standards. A general contractor can take care of the entire process, from excavation to plumbing replacement.


18 March 2015