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Choosing Hardware For Your Interior Doors


Many homeowners may take the time to consider what material and style they will use for their home's doors, but they may forget to consider the type of locks, handles, etc. However, the hardware you choose plays a very important role in just how functional your door is; so, it's important to choose wisely.


When choosing hardware for your doors, the first thing you want to consider is the level of privacy you need for the space. For instance, will the door need to be able to lock? If the answer is yes, you probably want to consider a privacy knob. A privacy knob is a type of door hardware that has the ability to lock, but doesn't require a key. This makes it a great addition for spaces like bedrooms and bathrooms--especially if you have small children.

In the event the door gets locked accidentally, you can easily use a pin to release the locking mechanism on the inside. Unlike a traditional knob that uses a key, you don't have to worry about the fear of misplacing any keys for the door. Even in the event you happen to misplace the pin for the door, you can easily use a hairpin or another small object to pop the locking mechanism.

If you've already chosen a hardware style that isn't exactly child-friendly, you can actually purchase plastic covers that will stop your child from injuring themselves if they try to fiddle with a door. These are great because once your child gets old enough, you can remove the plastic rather than replacing the hardware altogether.

Ease of Use

It's also a good idea to consider who will be using the doors in your home. For example, do you have someone with special needs or does someone in the home suffer from arthritis? In this case, you probably want to go with lever style hardware instead of knobs. Levers are simply easier to operate. Levers don't require you to twist and turn, while pushing or pulling the door inward like a traditional knob.

For those with special needs, this makes entering and exiting a room much easier. For arthritis suffers, twisting or rotating your wrist during a flare-up is difficult, so a lever can mitigate that pain. However, it's important to mention that a lever offers very little in the area of security. It might not be a good idea to install a lever on a door for a room that contains valuables or that needs more privacy.If you need help installing new hardware for your doors, you may want to contact a place like Welty Custom Exteriors, Inc.

Don't make the mistake of installing door hardware that you will later regret. Make certain you are considering all aspects and choosing your door hardware carefully.


23 March 2015