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3 Problems That Are Affecting Your Home's Hot Water Tank


Appliances in a home often go unnoticed until a problem occurs. This is especially true of your home's hot water tank. Chances are that the only time you pay any attention to it is when you go to take a hot shower, but it unintentionally turns into a cold one due to lack of hot water. When that happens, it could be due to one of these three problems that is affecting the water tank.

The Hot Water Tank Is Old

Hot water tanks do not have a long lifespan, as most last around 10 years. The age of your hot water tank is going to play a big role in if it's better to repair or replace it. If your hot water tank is older than 10 years old when it breaks down, consider replacing it.

Many things can go wrong in an old water heater. Even if all the parts are in perfect working order, the tank itself can start rusting through due to the anode rod no longer being effective at preventing rust. If you are not sure if other problems are on the horizon, have a plumber inspect your tank for you and give you a recommendation.

The Thermostat Is Broken

A hot water tank's thermostat plays a vital role in keeping hot water in your home. It helps regulate the water so that it is constantly at the proper temperature, ready to go at the moment you need it. If the tank's thermostat is broken, it will not know when it needs to turn the heat up to keep the water hot.

Replacing a thermostat is a simple repair that any plumber can do. A broken thermostat does not affect the integrity of the hot water tank, so replacing it later in the tank's lifespan can still get you a few more years of hot water if everything else is in good shape.

The Hot Water Tank Has A Buildup of Sediment

Over time, sediment will slowly enter your hot water tank through the main water line going into your home. When sediment collects inside the tank, it can cause several problems. Not only will it make loud banging sounds as the sediment hits the side of the tank, but it will cause your hot water tank to work much harder to heat the water.

Flushing sediment out of a hot water tank is very easy to do, and will save you from a costly repair if you do it on your own.

If your hot water tank is still not working after checking out these 3 things, it could mean that there is a bigger problem. Contact a local plumbing official to get to the bottom of it for you.


26 March 2015