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Busting The Biggest Myths Concerning Residential Metal Roofing


When the time rolls around when it is time to start thinking about replacing the roof of your home, you will be faced with a myriad of options. Metal roofing is bound to be one of the options you consider, but you may quickly dismiss the idea of installing a metal roof and assume that asphalt shingles are better. Metal roofing actually has an unfair reputation for a lot of reasons. Before you make a final decision about the roofing you want on your home, getting the misconceptions out of the way about metal roofing may lead you to see this roofing material in an entirely different light.

Misconception: Metal roofing is only available in unattractive sheets.

Fact: When you think of metal roofing, if you are like a lot of people, you will conjure up images of old-fashioned corrugated tin sheets that are not at all that aesthetically appealing. However, metal roofing in the modern age comes in an array of different forms and styles. Metal roofing may be comprised of not just tin, but aluminum, copper, zinc, and even steel. The roofing is available in an array of different color tones and hues, from stark black to cherry red. Plus, you can even obtain metal roofing shingles and stone-coated metal shakes.

Misconception: If you have a metal roof, you will always hear the rain overhead.

Fact: Some people like the sound of rain on a tin roof, but not everyone, which is understandable. If you have a high-quality metal roof installed, you will probably not hear the rain at all. In fact, the metal roof may be more soundproof than traditional shingles--keeping things quiet even in the midst of a hail storm. This is because some metal roofing boasts an insulative layer of foam beneath each panel that is specifically designed to ward off sound, but also makes a nice layer of added home energy insulation as well.

Misconception: Metal roofing does not last as long as asphalt shingles.

Fact: The opposite of this misconception is actually true. A typical asphalt shingle roof will often need to be replaced every 15-20 years. Metal roofing is actually much more long-lived than traditional asphalt shingles, especially in the more modern forms which often lasts the lifetime of your home. This is why many of the metal roofs come with an extensive warranty to cover the materials for many years after installation.

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6 April 2016