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Keeping Your Store Stockroom Comfortable During The Summer Months


If you own and operate a store that is located in a strip mall or other single store, exterior shopping center, you know that the summer can be hot and the winter cold. Having stores that are spread out instead of inside of one single building means that each store must have its own temperature control. One of the places that you want to make sure has proper temperature control is inside of the stockroom. Since the stockroom will have a lot of employee activity, the environment must be appropriately maintained. Here is how you can maintain a comfortable stockroom during the summertime for your store. 

Install an overhead vent above all doors

One of the reasons why temperature regulation is harder in the stockroom is because the doors will often be opened. When trucks come to drop off products and when employees are moving trash or rearranging the stockroom, the doors may remain opened. Opened doors during the summertime means that hot air can quickly get into the room. In order to combat this and to make sure that your employees are always comfortable, install an air conditioning vent over the door. Anytime the door is open, the air should be on full blast in order to keep the hot temperature from outside at bay. Make sure that the vent over the door is large and is capable of blowing down towards the door. 

Create split controls

If your stockroom is rudimentary, with concrete floors, less furnishings, and less square footage, you may need to have a different temperature in the front from the back. Create split controls in your commercial air conditioning. With split controls, you can lower the temperature in the back during the summer during deliveries, without freezing your customers. In the winter time, you can adjust the heating up front depending on how staff and customers feel without taking away from the heat flowing through the back. Make sure that both of these are properly labelled so that there is no confusion when setting each temperature. 

Situate the controls in the front of the store

Most employees will open the store and close the store from the front entrance. For this reason, you want to place the air conditioning controls for the stockroom in the front of the store. Employees will be able to begin their morning routine by setting the stock room to the proper temperature depending on the season and the weather outside. The controls being up front also mean that boxes and other storage items will not block the controls at any point. 

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29 July 2016