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How To Prepare For An Excavation Project


The idea of putting a hole in the ground may seem simple, but the excavation process entails a lot more than just digging. Excavation services providers need a lot of information about what they'll be getting into, and the job often calls for making adjustments on the fly. A little preparation, however, can go a long way toward making a project simpler.


Before you get too involved with an effort, a professional survey should be conducted in order to establish that you won't be getting into any lawsuits over where you are digging. It's wise to talk with your local compliance office about this, as many jurisdictions have limits on how close to the property line you can do work. You can consult with a surveyor of your choice, but most excavation services companies have established relationships with ones they prefer to deal with.


As with every aspect of a construction effort, you'll likely need to obtain permits for your job. Many governments have a number of requirements for specific areas, such as restrictions on excavations in historic locations. In most instances, making arrangements for a supervised archeological dig will satisfy these requirements. Once valuable artifacts have been removed, paperwork will have to be filed in order to move ahead with a normal excavation.


It's a good idea during initial preparation for an excavation effort to get in touch with all utility companies that provide services to the location. Encountering critical infrastructure such as gas lines during a project can create a highly dangerous situation very fast.

Another consideration is that the area will support heavy equipment. This is particularly problematic during deep excavation jobs, like ones for multistory subbasements, due to the fact that each cubic foot of dirt removed can loosen up the area. It's essential to be clear about the depths you're trying to achieve before moving forward with a project.


Very few locations are ever ideally suited to just coming in and excavating. From tree stumps to existing building foundations, there can be a lot of materials that have to be cleared out in order to accommodate bringing in large machinery. You should also make arrangements for the disposal of removed materials.

If there is water present at the site, efforts may need to be undertaken to build trenches and pools. The dewatering process can get especially involved due to environmental regulations. For more information, contact a company like Tri County Construction.


21 July 2018